Larger Door Screens

VistaView Retractable Screens by Wizard are the absolute best solution for Accordion, Bi-Fold, Stacking,or La Cantina Doors. Able to span 20 feet with a single unit, VistaView are the ideal screen for these types of doors. Double Units can cover over 40 feet of openings!

The beauty of large doors is really evident when you open them all the way up. VistaView’s screen mesh isn’t pleated or folded, so you’ll hardly notice it’s there. Most of the time, your guests won’t even be able to tell there is a screen at all. The unique advanced heat welded technology provides a super strong system which can resist winds as well as most accidental impacts.

The reality of daily use is that you will tend to use just one door, La Cantina calls it a “daily door”, and this is where VistaView Retractables really shine. It’s built-in breaking system keeps the screen handy over just one doorway – it won’t retract all the way back unless you want it to.

We can even cover 90 degree openings!

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